Fire School is a ministry of The River. In addition, Fire School has the following endorsements.

Leif Hetland

“...One of America’s greatest secrets, the Fire School. This is a wonderful place to come together in a family atmosphere. Out of this little place in Kalispell, Montana, literally nations around the world are being shaped. There is a culture right here that is literally changing the culture of the nations of the world. Come and join this school. Come just the way you are, and leave just the way you want to be.”

Founder of Global Mission Awareness


Dr. Jack Taylor

“It’s exciting! It’s more revelation than it is information. There are signs and wonders, and young people and sometimes not-so-young people are studying how Jesus ministered, and how you can minister because you know Him and He lives in you. Whatever is behind you, if this is in front of you, take advantage of it. Get in the middle of it. As I visit here, I see the tracks of a supernatural God moving in the midst.

I fully recommend it to you.”

International Bible teacher, Author, and Founder of Dimensions Ministries



Danny Steyne


"One of my favorite places to go is Kalispell, MT—not for the obviously beautiful Montana Sky—but for the release of God through passionate people. The body of believers in Kalispell is a remarkable expression of the love and joy of God. I fully believe that the dreams that were birthed by the Father to initiate the Fire School will result in an explosion of harvest throughout the USA and around the world. The heart is in the right place. Humility is extremely evident. Gifting is second to none. I am grateful to be in relationship with the Fire School and particularly with Paul and Margie Arends and John Arends. I am more grateful that we will stand together one day before Jesus with great joy as we realize the wonderful privilege we have had to participate together in raising up a generation of selfless, lovers of Jesus, who are touching the world with His Power and His Grace"

Founder of Mountain of Worship, international Bible teacher



"The strength and substance of a ministry school all depends upon the anointing and character of those running it. That which is taught and imparted becomes the very floor, walls and roof of the school. I have known and journeyed with those who are founding this school and I highly recommend their character, commitment, integrity and their dedication to raising up others, who in turn raise up even more, so that the gift goes on.


"We need the fire of God’s Spirit and the water of His Word to wash and prepare all who are willing, so that the Kingdom of God does not suffer loss. The Harvest is ready but so will be the harvesters."

Director of Iris India, international Bible teacher



Dr. Bonnie Chavda

"Pastors Paul and Margie Arends carry an extraordinary heart of compassion for the world and a fire of passion for equipping the saints. The Arends’ seasoned combination of radical grace, studied biblical knowledge, historical and spiritual insight, infused with the anointing for revival, make FIRE SCHOOL your unique opportunity for training. It’s time for laborers to be released to bring in the harvest. Become an effective ambassador of Christ. This dynamic spiritual father and mother practice what they preach and have an anointing to impart and multiply what they carry. Come discover the depths of your own spiritual inheritance. Be commissioned to release the glory of God in signs and wonders! Don’t miss your call into the harvest through ministry training with FIRE SCHOOL!"

Co-pastor and founder of All Nations Church and Watch of the Lord Global Prayer Center


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